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Electrophysiology Facility


Syncropatch 384


High Throughput automated planar patch clamp ideal for screening of modulators of ion channels and electrogenic transporters. Also useful for the functional characterization of complex cell populations. Cells must be in suspension to be used with this technique

HEKA Patch Clamp rig


HEKA EPC10-USB amplifier

SliceScope Pro 1000 (Scientifica UK) with motorized XY stage

Scientifica SciCam Pro camera

GFP and mCherry / Texas Red Filter Sets

DIC condenser and IR ilumination

Suitable for:

Whole cell and single channel patch clamp

Patch clamp in tissue slices

GFP and mCherry -based imaging and cell identification

Axon Patch Clamp rig


Axon CNS Multiclamp 700B

Axon CNS Digidata 1440A

Upright Olympus microscope BX51WI with FITC / EGFP filter

Leica DFC 350FX camera

Suitable for:

Whole cell patch clamp

Fluo-4 / EGFP-based imaging and cell identification


Two electrodes voltage clamp (TEVC)


Ussing Chamber (6 channels)

Ussing chamber

Suitable for measurement of epithelial membrane properties in tissue samples or cell monolayer grown in permeable support

Cell culture

Cell culture