HEKA Patch Clamp rig


HEKA EPC10-USB amplifier

SliceScope Pro 1000 (Scientifica UK) with motorized XY stage

Scientifica SciCam Pro camera

GFP and mCherry / Texas Red Filter Sets

DIC condenser and IR ilumination

Suitable for:

Whole cell and single channel patch clamp

Patch clamp in tissue slices

GFP and mCherry -based imaging and cell identification

Axon Patch Clamp rig

Axon Axon

Axon CNS Multiclamp 700B

Axon CNS Digidata 1440A

Upright Olympus microscope BX51WI with FITC / EGFP filter

Leica DFC 350FX camera

Suitable for:

Whole cell patch clamp

Fluo-4 / EGFP-based imaging and cell identification


Two electrodes voltage clamp (TEVC)


Cell culture

Cell culture Cell culture